WANTED: rollerskates

Do you have some good easter days, full with lots of chocolate eggs? Yes I know, me too. In a little while, I will be at my grandparents for part two. The first day my sister organized an easter brunch. Everything was so delicious ever and the table was so beautiful. You can check my Instagram if you want to see a picture of that.

Yesterday on the couch I felt like pinning a bit and a girl in roller skates got my attention. I looked for some more inspirational pictures. It is the perfect combination of playful and stylish! But I have to admit, I am so clumsy I probably will fall or skate over people. You know what I mean? But that doesn't matter, rollerskates are on my list now. What do you think, should I ask them for my birthday next month?

Source: Vintag

Source: Shop the trend

Source: This isn't happiness

Source: Fyeah Swagbaby

Bron: Soraya Marx

X Willemijn Sofie

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