Look a like vintage

I love it so much that vintage is so trendy! You can find new clothes that exactly look like vintage in the stores. So fake but so nice. The only part thats a bit sad is that it's making me less unique, but that is not that big of a problem. Probably I will always be a bit different then other people in my style of clothing.
The jacket on the next picture is from the H&M trend on sale <3 and the flowerdress was at Brandy &Melville, waiting for me to buy it.

So dear dolls, tell me do you love this look?

X, as always your Willemijn Sofie



When I'm wearing my discopants from American Apparal it feels like I shine trough the day, on a good way. Not to less or to much, just enough to sparkle. On the pictures underneath you can see how it looks and don't be shy. I love to hear your upinion about my style.

As always,

Your Willemijn Sofie

p.s. for an other picture of the look check my lookbook