It is to cold today, so for me it's sweaterday. A good time to wear my white vintage sweater from Spain. It is so nice, warm, coisy and that makes it worth sharing with you dolls.

Have a good day!

X Willemijn Sofie


Shopaholic part I

had a really messed up week, bad news  all over, so I was really sad. And the best thing to do then is to give you self a treatment. A big shopping therapy. I know I'm a shopaholic but last week I bought like a whole new garderobe. I think I have like 13 kilo of new clothes... So I post it in two parts. Part one is just what I bought during the week and part two is about just one hole day of workung and shopping. It wil come up later. 

My brand new Topshop jacket :)

A vintage Guess jeans from Episode.

 A second hand wallet from Bis

And at last but not least an Herschell backpack!

Do you like my new stuff?

X Willemijn Sofie