Just a lazy Sunday.

That is all I have to say about today. I woke up this morning at then and read till twelve o' clock Pretty little liars part 1. Then I did some study with a delicious hot chocolate.
For the moment I will do some writing and paste some pictures of yesterday and then I will read some more. I'm one of the people who loves to read and makes time for it.
 Yesterday, Floris, a really good friend of mine stayed over and we baked some pancakes for breakfast, which tasted really good by the way.

My aunt and uncle came to visit me. They never saw my place, so they came by and we went with them the Westergasfabriek. At  night there are a lot of nice party's at this place and during the day it is just really great  to hang out, as you can see. Floris said to me: "should I make a picture from you for on your blog?"  Yes, he is a really smart person ;), and my uncle also took a few.

After  the drinks at the Westergasfabriek we cycled to the city and that  was like a survival tour. We had to take some stairs by bike. because we choosed to follow the walkroute on googlemaps. That went not so easy at all.
In the centre of the city we wanted to show Brecht, of course! There we ordered some lunch and pink tea.

 After lunchtime in CafĂ© Brecht we went to the nine streets. That is the name of nine streets in Amsterdam who has a lot of nice and different shops and not the shops you find in every corner of the street. Click on this this link link and you will find out what I mean. 

It is almost nine o'clock, but I'm already really tired, so I go to make a cup of tea and take it with me in bed. 

Sleep well, X 


In the library

I found the book  The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman. It is a book full with street style, this are a few of the most inspired pictures.

And this was me in the library.


Histoires extraordinaires

Is a movie with Brigitte Bardot in it. A picture of her on Facebook a few days ago kept me thinking about that I never saw a movie of her, so what I did was a little bit of research and found this title. Probably it is a bit of a crazy movie, but that is something to conclude when I have seen  Histoires extraordinaires  For now I just want to share some beautiful pictures of a women who will be a style icon forever.

This will be it for today, sleep tight!

Today I'd like a lot of things.

This are just a few of them.

A really fashionable guy in the metro, from behind  and without head. Hello it is about the clothes he wears! And I don't know him at all, so  the picture has to be taken secretly.

Some beautifull art. The black and white faces with the bright colors. I love the combination of the colors and the painting seems really real and expressive. It is like you can feel the emotion of the people on the painting.

, ofcourse a little bit of second hand

and a little bit of Amsterdam.


It is a denim look.

So this is how I look today. Not all vintage this time and yes, I do love short jeans!

Have to hurry now, will write more soon!



The perfect knitwear.

I think everyone knows those days that you find the perfect item anywhere, but they don´t have it in your size anymore or when you find something online which is so perfect, but it seems that it is sold out. That is what happened to me today, or something like that anyway. I don´t know if it is sold out, or if they didn´t have it at all. It is the knitwear on the picture, I found it on the urban outfitters webshop.

So if someone knows where to get the sweater, please tell me!


The two toned blazer.

Some of us know, others don't. It is a trend! I searched for pictures of the two toned blazer online and this is what I got.

I should wear all of the items, if I had them. But I love the green one the most.

Do you like the two toned blazer too?


A evening in Brecht.

The place was full when we arrived, so I said to my friend it is a good time for you to smoke, when some people leave the place we can go back in and that is what we did.We went outside with a beer for me and a red wine for him.

Outside I said to him,  you should make a picture of me  for my blog. And he was like okay. And this is what I got... On the first one I'm like an alcoholic vagabond and on the second... not. Take a look and jurge yourself.


After a few minutes outside we figured out it was to cold and we went back inside, finding a place anyway :).
We where sitting across this wall, so I had to take a picture of it.


Rose Bakery, Paris

It is a small British bakery at The rue des Martyrs. The people who serve lunch and brunch are all very trendy. When I took pictures inside of the bakery, there was a woman who said "no pictures please!" She said that a bit too late, cause I already made a few and so decide to ignore her comment. Does it make me a bad girl that I made more photos anyway? I don't think so.
The pictures underneath will show you some really delicious salads, sweet cakes, organic tea, a handsome young man and more.

He didn't mind that I took some pictures, but I didn't have the courage to make one with him on front.
So if you ever go to Paris, make shore you don't miss it!

Rose Bakery,
46 rue des martyrs
75009 Paris

Some sketches


Me and my fake fur coat.

The coat was from my mother, it is six years old and from the dutch label Vanilia.
When it is cold outside, I wear it almost all the time.

Talk to you soon,


Which colors are going to be it, this winter?

I like to know what the trends are going to be in fashion and mix them into my own style. The colors of the summer of 2013 are already noted but  thats a bit too far away for me. I will keep you posted of the fashiontrends this winter and the spring/summer of 2012.

The most important colors for the winter are a combination of braight colors and green, blue, brown and grey tones. 

The colors are also devided in themes, for example Avantgarde, Urban Romancea and Above the edges of the darkness. I will tell you more about it in a few days. It is time for bed,

Good night.

Today my outfit was..

Looking like this.
My Camera is travelling through India till the 3rd of December. It is a shame that I am not travelling with it, I think. I had to take the pictures with my iPHONE. As you can see it is not the best kind of quality you can get. But if you take a look at the pictures underneath, you can see a bit of my style.


Introducing myself, by clothes and other stuff.

I'm a girl by the age of 24 and love, love, love fashion and writing about it. Although I should do that a bit more.

This is a picture I made on the Waterlooplein, in Amsterdam. It is one of my favorite places, because they have almost every day of the week (except on Sundays ) a big vintage market and you can find some really nice, cheap stuff over there.

This picture is token in my living room and it has five things in it that I really do like. 
  1. A really lovely vintage dress, that I bought in Paris for €10.
  2. A peace of newspaper. They are hanging everywhere through my livingroom. 
  3. Scotch and soda, Amsterdam vintage.It is on the poster.I like it for other people, not so much for me.
  4. Red wine, sometimes I can't get enough of that ..

This is the pub I go to like once a week. During the day for some hot soup or chocolat and at night for a tasty German beer. It is a Berlin's pub and it is like -as you can see it yourself- if you are in a living room. The picture I got from amsterdam.unlike.

This is the kind of girl MK and A. Olsen think I'm. I subscribed me at there fashionsite Stylemint and that is what I got. I have to admit that I really love their style and the label.

So you kow a few things about me now. Another thing I like a lot is sleeping. At wintertime in the morning when it is cold in my room and still dark outside, I just can't get up. That's also what I'm going to do now, take off and dive into my bed, underneath my worm blanket.

Sleep well,