Vintage Dog Show

No not a reall one, The Dog Show is a vintage clothingstore of two woman in Los Angeles. Not really nearby for me, but a saw a shoot on VICE with fashion from them and I really want to share some pictures with you. The first one is of the shop and the others are made by a photographer named Paley Fairman

So do you understand why I needed to show this store? If I had my own, it would be something like this. O MY GOSH, to bad it is so fair away.. Those pictures are really incredible as well, don't you think?

X Willemijn Sofie

P.S. I think you understand the pictures of the store are also not made by me, I found them on  www.weheart.co.uk


It's a pixie haircut

I'm so lazy in posting lately. Being busy with work, study and friends isn't a good enough excuse, so lets hope it will be better again in the future. The last post that I wrote was about me having a lot of different haircuts and that theire is a new one. Thats what is on the blog today.

I hope you like my pixie haircut :) Michelle Williams was my inspiration for it.

As always,
your Willemijn Sofie