My haircuts

I have had a lot of different haircuts de past few years. Now I'm wondering wich you like the best. So take a look at the pictures underneath and tell me what you like the most.

So could you make a choice?

X Willemijn Sofie

P.S. I have a whole new haircut, but I'm to ill to show it, but you will see it very soon, thats a promise. 


Inspirational Tuesday

It is that time of the week again, a brand new Inspirational Tuesday! Selected especially for you. Just black and white randomnes, hope you love it!

So wich one is your fave?

X Willemijn Sofie 


Vague fashion sketches

A little bit of my arty vague fashion sketches. Do you like these little draws?


Willemijn Sofie


A Vintage dot dress

It's time for an other quiky darlings! Two posts in one day. It guess that means I'm totally back on blogging :).

I'm going to show you my vintage blue white dot dress. Bought that lovely thing, that makes me feel I'm living in the 60's a few weeks ago for only 22 euro's at the Episode (and I always thought it was expensive ). Anyways take a look at the pictures underneath  and let me know what you think!

Sweet dreams for now,

X, your one and only
Willemijn Sofie

Just a really fast post

I will try to do more fasty's, because I have so little time lately but I still want to share my fashion things with you dolls. In a few weeks School starts again and (how strange it seems) I should have more time. So normal post will come back in the near futute. For today a picture of one of my favorites looks lately.

Have a great day!

X Willemijn Sofie


Inspirational Tuesday IIV

It's that time of the week again. I'll share my last weeks favorite inspirational pictures with you.

and ofcourse a little quote

Untill we meet again,

X Willemijn Sofie