Just a lazy Sunday.

That is all I have to say about today. I woke up this morning at then and read till twelve o' clock Pretty little liars part 1. Then I did some study with a delicious hot chocolate.
For the moment I will do some writing and paste some pictures of yesterday and then I will read some more. I'm one of the people who loves to read and makes time for it.
 Yesterday, Floris, a really good friend of mine stayed over and we baked some pancakes for breakfast, which tasted really good by the way.

My aunt and uncle came to visit me. They never saw my place, so they came by and we went with them the Westergasfabriek. At  night there are a lot of nice party's at this place and during the day it is just really great  to hang out, as you can see. Floris said to me: "should I make a picture from you for on your blog?"  Yes, he is a really smart person ;), and my uncle also took a few.

After  the drinks at the Westergasfabriek we cycled to the city and that  was like a survival tour. We had to take some stairs by bike. because we choosed to follow the walkroute on googlemaps. That went not so easy at all.
In the centre of the city we wanted to show Brecht, of course! There we ordered some lunch and pink tea.

 After lunchtime in CafĂ© Brecht we went to the nine streets. That is the name of nine streets in Amsterdam who has a lot of nice and different shops and not the shops you find in every corner of the street. Click on this this link link and you will find out what I mean. 

It is almost nine o'clock, but I'm already really tired, so I go to make a cup of tea and take it with me in bed. 

Sleep well, X 


In the library

I found the book  The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman. It is a book full with street style, this are a few of the most inspired pictures.

And this was me in the library.