I love Vintageshopping

I love vintageshopping and that is something you know if you read my blog.
Last weekend I went to a vintageshoppinghall with some friends. You could buy really cheap vintageclothing over there. I paid 27 euro's for 4 piece of clothing. 2 of those things I bought you can see underneath :). T
Also I post this outfit on lookbook. So if you like it, you can hype it there.


X Willemijn Sofie


Inspirational Tuesday IV

Although I have been busy last week there is always time for an Inspirational Tuesday, so take a look at my favourite pictures of last week.

And a little quote...

So what do you think about this inspirational post?

X Willemijn Sofie


Green hairdo..

hello darlings,

I did something crazy today... because my hair is green/blue now.

 So tell me do you love or hate it?

As always,

X Willemijn Sofie


My new second hand stuff :)

I went to a fleemarket today. It was a little one and we accidental came by it.There was a lot of old boring stuff, but as you can see I found two really nice ( and very cheap ) things! The dress was only two euro. It is long and has an amazing transparent velvet fabric, I'm thinking of making a high-low dress of it. The amazing bag on the picture was just fifty cents, so it seems thatI did a very good job today :).

What do you think?

X Willemijn Sofie


Love smoothies

I really love smoothies. Those mixed fruit and vegetables drinks are so healthy and delicous :) but I didn't had something to make them. So something that was really high on my birthdaypresentlist was a blender... And I got one, and some planks and messes to cut the fruits for in the blender :). My sisters and there boyfriends gave me these nice presents and ofcourse I already made a few smoothies last week. So I will share them with you and I will do my best to remember the receipes.

250 gram blueberries, one banana and  a hand full of spinach. it tasted really good :)

2. Melon and banana
 I took a quarter of a melon, one      banana and a few pineapplepieces. It was my favorite one, so fresh :)

3. Spinach, pineapple and banana

This was the last smoothie I made. I took all the leftovers. So I can not exactly say how much is in here. Lots of spinach and mint, 1 banana , a few pineapple pieces and a bit of citron. This was my less favourite one. It tasted to much of Spinach. 

So only the first receipe I remembered good... if I do another post like this I promise to give a better subscription :)

X Willemijn Sofie


I have a thing for leather...

One of my favourite websites for inspiration is Stylesaint. It looks a bit like Pinterest, but you can only share pictures of fashion on it. So it is a big database of beautiful images of clothes, models, accessoires and some good quotes. An other thing that you can do on this site is making a stylebook  of photos you really like of have something in common.

That's what I did today, mine is all about leather, because I have a thing for this amazing fabric. So the title should be I have a thing for leather instead of Willemijn Sofie de Koning, but have no clue how to change it, whatsoever. Anyway I think that  this stylebook looks nice enough to share although there is a little mistake in it.

So tell me what you think!

X Willemijn Sofie 


Inspirational Tuesday II

Another inspirational Tuesday is ready.  This is a post with random inspirational pictures I really love.

Let me know if you love them as much as I do.

X Willemijn Sofie


Happy birthday to me :)

Hi dolls, I turned 26 this day. Feeling so old ;). I will showing you my birthdaypresents later this week, because today is al about relaxing and having fun! Enjoy your day

X Willemijn Sofie


Some sketches

I love to make little drawnings sometimes. Here you can see what a made recently.

X Willemijn Sofie


Old styling pictures

Today I thought maybe it is a good idea to use my old online album on photobucket because I have lots of pictures on my laptop. When I went to my account I found lots some old photos that I totally forgotten about. Also fashionable ones, those I like to share with you. 

As you can see I had a thing for black and white. Only the last one is in colour.
Can you tell me which one is your favourite?

X Willemijn Sofie


My brand new glasses

My big brown glasses were more than 2 years old and really well worn, so what I asked for my 26th birthday wear some brand new glasses. I was picturing a round frame in my head, knowing that  I was little it didn't suit me that well. So you can understand it was a hard job. My mother went a little bit crazy, because I couldn't found what I wanted and we had seen almost whole Amsterdam. Not that it is that big, but wenn you are walking everything it kind of is. But it was worth it, I found amazing black glasses of the label Hackett London Bespoke.

On Monday is my birthday, I will be 25 for only 3 more days. O my gosh, I'm getting old.. before I know it I would turn on  30. But that isn't that scary if I still look beneath my age. Anyway I will stop talking and show you some pictures. On the header you see my new glasses. On the first picture underneath the old one. So witch one do you like better?

X Willemijn Sofie