Inspirational Tuesday

I found some inspirational pictures again, so feel free to take a look :)

Which one is your favourite?

X Willemijn Sofie

P.S. Pictures found on Stylesaint and Pinterest


Have you seen The Carrie Diaries already?

We all know it was coming. A serie of Carrie before Sex and the City and their it is The Carrie Diaries. Last monday it was the pilot, the first episode of what seem to be an awesome new serie. I'm still missing Gossip Girl, but this seems to be a good replacement. Did I make you curious, because you haven't seen the first episode yet? Shame on you ;).

Carrie's dress in amazing :) here and in the picture above!

Didn't know you can be that creative with nailpolish!

Look at her broche and her nails! <3

The colour combi of the girl on the left is so amazing! 

So if the first episode is so inspiring already, what would the next be like?

X Willemijn Sofie


A night with Cirque Excentrique

Picture is made by Cirque Exentrique.

A party where I wanted to go for more then a year, but never able too was a party organised by Cirque Excentrique. Everytime I was invited I couldn't go! So last saturday was my first time Cirque Excentrique. Imagine a man who is dressed as a wife at the door who starts to paint your face in a beautifull way wenn you come in. Upstairs almost every boy is dressed as a girl and every girl as a man because that is the theme for this time. So tell me how I'm as a dude ;). The music was a mix of oldies and techno <3 and every body was dancing.
I discovered that night dat some guys loved me as a man: "You are the player tonight, so why don't you ask me to come home with you?" (I have a picture with him, but I'm not shore if I should place it here.) Gosh how easy do you think I am? And some don't. Boy 2: "You look really nice, but absolutely not sexy." Whut Whut? So I told him that we need to meet another time for drinks and that I would wear a sexy dress...to be continued!
Here are some pictures of that night!

 The look!

Painted faces, mustaches and gelled hair.

Me showing some dancemoves

It was an amazing night, I make shore I attend the next party of Cirque Excentrique!

X Willemijn Sofie


A morning at the IJ-hallen

Yesterday morning I spended a few hours on the IJ-hallen in Amsterdam. Which seems to be the largest flea market in Europe. And I can tell you that it really is big! There is place for 750 market stalls. In the summer the most stalls are outside and in the winter you can find them inside. ( So the picture above is from a few months ago). I was there with Desiree, a good friend of mine, to find some second hand or vintage clothes. We were both looking for party stuff. She wanted shiny things and I hoped to find some male items for that night. I had a party were the men needed to go as women and the women as men. But more about that in my next post. For now I just want to show you the things I bought! Cause I bought more than only a shimmering men's waistcoat. Go see the following pictures curious people ;).

A brand new captain jacket, I have one like these already but it is worn out.

A really nice sweater, chilling in it right know.
An amazing old school ski jacket.
And finally the gilet I wore last night


What do you think of it?

X Willemijn Sofie