Vintage in Paris

A long time ago I wrote a blog post about vintageshopping in Parise on a site I don't use anymore. But a lot of friends are going to Paris this summer and ask me for some good advice. So I thought, why not say something about it here.

I have been a couple of times in Paris and I really love the city with al the historical buildings an other things you get to see. But I don't want to see the eiffeltower over and over again. So the last time I went to this amazing old city I  did some research in vintage stores. And I can tell you now, based by my own experience  that the stores with secondhand clothes are so worth it there. Some of those are really cheap and has some really nice clothes as well. There are secondhand places where you pay just 10 Euro for a nice dress of a couple of  very lovely shoes or anything else. It is really different than in the Netherlands.

My favorite vintage stores in Paris are Free’P'Star, Come on Eileen and Coiffeur Vintage
Free’P'Star has a a lot of different cheap clothes. They have dresses of the 70’s, lots of military stuff and many, many more in three different stores!  And also a little sister  named Fripes Star. Which is also not expensive, that’s what we like! You can find it somewhere on the Rue de la Verrerie across the Megasun. I didn't know the exact number of the shop anymore. But isn't it so that you will understand it better if I give you the directions by shops than by street names ;). It is for me the only way I can’t get lost.

CoiffeurVintage isn't a big store, but a lot of people seems to know how to find it. There just one fitting room and it was so busy that people where trying the clothes outside of the room. That was  also what I did and during that time, my own jacket was almost token by someone who wanted to try it on! I bought 2 dresses and 1 sweater in that store. 

Then there is one important shop left, which is Come on Eileen. In this vintage shop you will find vintage Chanel, Dior and Lanvin but I didn't buy anything in there.

You can see on the map underneath that the most vintage stores are really close to each other. Even if you don't have anything with secondhand it is a really good place to shop. Because there are other nice shops as well. 

PS 1:If you are in Paris and want to have breakfeast or lunch in a really lovely place, you just need to visit Rose Bakery.

PS 2: The adresses of the stores:Coiffeur Vintage, 32 Rue de RosiersCome on Eileen, 16/18 rue des taillandiers 75011Free’P'Star, 8 rue Sainte-croix de la Bretonnerie
Free’P'Star, 61 rue de la Verrerie
Free’P'Star, 20 rue de Rivoli. 
PS 3: I made all the pictures myself, except the picture of Come on Eileen. The credits for that photo go to thattherevintage.blogspot.com.