On my way home.

Today on my way home there was a lot of flirting going on. It started wenn I Walked out of the office today. Boys where smailing and trying to make conversations with me. It was really strange I can tell!

Was it because of my high heels,red lips or did I had just some dirt on my face?



A day in the woods

Hello dolls,

Last weekend I went with my sister into the Woods. There we find a beautifull open place and shot a few photo's.


P.s. The jumping one isn't charming at all but he is to funny not to share with you guys.


Yellow ochre, such a nice color.

On the first day of easter I went to rotterdam. For a really nice diner with the family. I'm standing om the outside of the building where my sister lives, at a very nice car. Yellow ochre is one of my favorite colors, such as you can see. It is such a nice color.