From Best to Amsterdam

It is not busy at all in the train from Best ( near where my parents live) to Amsterdam. I have been a few days in the south celebrating christmas and all. So because there are just a few people inthe train I thought I can do a little outfit post!

* The denim jacket is from the waterlooplein, a 2th hand umarket in Amsterdam , I bought it for 10 euro
* The necklace I bought at a really nice clothingstore called Jutka en Riska.
* The shirt is from Zara, the jeans from The River Island and the shoes are H&M devided.

X Willemijn Sofie

P.S. Do you like my new haircut? I was sl bored that I did it myself.


Rumors Vintage & Design

Last week I was shopping at the Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam. That is a street were I don't come so often, but that is going to chance I guess. Thanks to the really nice stores in that street. For example Rumors Vintage & Design, a really nice clothingstore that you can find on number 99 at the Haarlemmerstraat.
If you take a look at the pictures underneath you can see why I love this vintage clothing store.

X Willemijn Sofie


Hairdo's I love

Standing up early this morning, because some men need to build a heather in my place. I left the Flat at 7.30 and went to te Coffee Company at the Waterlooplein and bought a caramel cappuchino. On a leather old cauch I read some old fashionmagazines and find some nice hairdo's in the L' officiel. I made
pictures of it because knowing that it will take eages to have my hair long again, I may dream of a haircut like these underneath.

X Willemijn Sofie


A day at the Stedelijk Museum

Two weeks ago I had to make an study exercise at the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam. Because I hadn't so mucht time I couldn't be there so long, but I made these inspiring pictures of art. Hope you like them!

Made by Paulina Olowska
It is an amazing piece of art to me and the first think were I need to think about seeing this picture is the sweater of a good friend of mine. She has a look-a-like!

Made by unknown
Stupid enough, I didn't write the name of the photographer down. But the style of these two man is amazing!

Nature Girls, made by Martha Rosler.
Martha made this as a bart of the Beauty Knows No pain serie.
Made by unknown

I love this picture so much because it seems to have a very nice face! It is a bit strange though. 
Made by Leonardo Dicaprio
I have to be honest with this last piece of art, I didn't made a picture of it because I love it so much...
But he made it during his Titanic time and who wasn't in love with Leo back then?

X Willemijn Sofie


The influence of Pinterest and Instagram on Fashionblogging

I'm doing a little research of the influence of Pinterest and Instagram on fashionblogging. Want I want to know if bloggers get more or less followers thanks to this hype.
So I wondered when you are a fashionblogger and you didn't already fill it in, would you be so kind to do so?  This is the link: The influence of Pinterest and Instagram on Fashionblogging.
It would only take 3 minutes of your time and I would be so greatfull!

X Willemijn Sofie


Shine lady's, shine!

For the minor Independent Fashion Magazines, I need to do more research to the latest fashion trends. So I thought let's share my findings with you. Starting to write about Shine, an important trend for 2013. It seems to be our time to shine this summer :).

These shiny fabrics are something I cann fall in love with, if we don't overdo it. And when Iwas watching the catwalk pictures I try to Imagine what I want to wear myself. Therefor I have a top 3 of designers shining this trend the best.

1. Diane von Furstenberg

2. Jonathan Saunders

 3. Viktor & Rolf

          And their are some other designers you can find underneath

Alexander McQueen

Burberry Prorsum

Christian Dior

Mary Katrantzou

And which designer shined the best in your upinion?

X Willemijn Sofie

Source: Style


Brandy & Melville, Amsterdam

Brandy & Melville is an original Italian brand but has stores all around the world. This year they opened a store in Amsterdam as well. I have to admit honestly that I never hearth of this store until I saw it in a shopping street  two months ago. And they have lots of amazing clothes! So I thought let's make a few pictures to share it with you guys and mention the address of the store, so that you can find it when you are in Amsterdam someday. But when I was making some pictures, just with my iPhone the people of the store said to me "No pictures,  no pictures". In English, not in Dutch. That is something I have a lot, somehow I don't look Dutch. Don't know why. But of course I made already some pictures, so you can get a bit of an expression of the store.

Hope you like it!

X Willemijn Sofie

P.S. The adress of the store is Leidsestraat 43, Amsterdam


Inspirational Tuesday

Because I see a lot of inspiring pictures everywhere online and I want to share them with you. Some are from magazines others are pictures from online photographers. Hope you like them as much as I do!

Source: Unknown?

Source: ILoveVintage

And a little Quote!

X Willemijn Sofie


Knit, knitting, knitted

Thanks to this video of Nylonmagazine I couldn't  stop thinking about knitting. Don't you think it is very inspiring either?

So after seeing this  I start thinking about what would I knit, which colours do I want to use and which kind of yarn?

Yesterday I found some old yarn in my parents' house which could help me by my project. At first I wanted to learn how to knit some gloves, but
my mum talked me out of that. She said try to make a scarf at first. If you can do that I teach you how to make some gloves. Yeah :)

X Willemijn Sofie


Surprises & Pepernoten

This weekend I was at my parents to celebrate "Sinterklaas" it is a man who looks a lot like Santa and gives also presents to kids. But because  we are a little older we do something different then only getting presents. We are making surprises for someone in our family and yesterday evening it was surprise time. I think you know how it works, don't you? During that we eat lots of pepernoten. It's hard to compare that to something not Dutch, but you can see in the picture underneath what they look like. 

Nathan, the boyfriend of my older sister had to make something for me. And look what he made, a really cute Robot to cheer me up. Because I was a bit sad al day. 

And the presents he gave to me  where really nice. I  start with a really important minor in a few months, called Independent Fashion Magazines.  Where I'm going to make a really unique independent fashion magazine in a team and the presents he got me were  really applicable. As you can see, he got me 
a WAD, i-D and also the Vogue. Who is less an independent fashion magazine, but  very nice to have.

Also I got two things from my parents. The first thing I got are those 2 little sheeps, you are seeing here. They are for my Alessi Christmas Stall. Aren't they cute?

The second thing I got is this  chocolate letter, which I decorated myself a few weeks ago. It looks really delicious, doesn't it?

Then there is an other thing I want to show to you. That is this scarf underneath. It isn't a present I got but something I rediscovered. It is a really old scarf, I think I wore it when I was eight or something and my mum always kept it because my grandmother made it. 

It is a really cosy knitted scarf. Spoken about knitting, I'm going to make something myself! But more about that tomorrow!

X Willemijn Sofie

P.S. The picture quality isn't so good, don't know where that comes from. Will find it out and the next ones will be better.


Lovely iPhonecases from Iconemesis

Are you looking for a very original iPhone case? Then I can strongly advice you the IPhone of Iconemesis.
Okay I agree, that sentence read a bit like an advertorial and to be honest with you guys. I got a really nice iPhone cover for free and the only thing I needed to do was to write an article and show it in some outfit posts. But none the less, the covers are far from normal. As you can see in the header an on the link in this post. But these covers above are not my favourite ones! No, that are the cosy little buddy ones you are going to see next. 

It was a hard choice between these adorable creatures and I think you can see why, can't you? But not one of this two was so lucky to become my IPhone cover. That is the fashionable bunny you see underneath! That cutie seems how to rock  fashion doesn't she?

X Willemijn Sofie

P.S. So far so good, but there is one thing though I don't like about Iconemesis. That is how you see the covers on their site. You see only small circles with a little "sneak preview" of the cover. When you click on it then you see the whole thing. I want to see the whole case right away and not just a little piece of it.

The first three pictures are from Iconemesis the last one is made by me.


Snowy friday

It is a really snowy friday and I love it. For the first time since I was being dumpted earlier this week I stand up happy. So I guess it is getting better after all, bit by bit. I took a shower, put on some clothes and my snowboots and took my iPhone outside to took some pictures of  the Winter Wonderland I was seeing outside.

Isn't it wonderful?


Willemijn Sofie