It is all about the details

My closet contains lots of items with amazing prints. Colorful, shiny, almost anything really. Sometimes I make pictures of the details because sometimes it is all about the details! They are just enough.

That said I wanted to make it a little bit of a puzzle as well.

I was wondering if you can tell what fashion items pictures. Try to guess and leave your reply in the comments underneath if you like!

Have a good day!

X Willemijn Sofie


Go sit on a cactus

I really have a thing for cactuses, but I can not understand why. They look cute and all but if you get too close you will getting up hurt, so never ever go sit on a cactus.

And just as I write this down it hits me. Because isn't this what happens when you are not in touch with your emotions?

I love to be vulnerable sometimes, it makes life interesting.
So that's why I put some pictures of cactuses in one post. A bit summery for this time of year, but it is still a bit to warm for the cozy winter sweaters as well.

Which one do you like most?

Worst advice ever @picsiaminlovewith.tumblr

Shirt wanted! @prismboutique.com
It's all about the details @sarah-hiney

Subtility @suturno

Gorgeous @witmankleipool

Those glasses matches @pilsuks
Until we meet again,

X Willemijn Sofie 


Inspirational Tuesday

Long time no inspirational Tuesday, but today I was in need of some fashion inspiration and thought let's share it with the online world again.

Why did I choose these outfits? Why not? I just love the colors and every outfit has their own charm.

The pictures are randomly chosen by me but they have something similar, just curious if you know what I mean. You may share your answer underneath the post.

The stripes @mocca-tart.tumblr.com

That suit is just amazing @wearesodroee.com

A red sweater and a red hat, I could never imagine @bloglovin

So simple @whowhatwear

The different shades of salmon @mona.lise


So this is what I wanted to share with you for know lets catch up soon!

X Willemijn Sofie 


This one is for the coffee addicts

Good Morning :)
If there is one thing that gets me awake this early moment of the day it is coffee. I have to say, I am a little bit addicted. At this moment I already had 4 cups espresso, while searching pictures and writing words for this article. But that is my max. after this cup of coffee I don't need another one. At least not for today. Maybe just a latte this afternoon, while meeting up with some friends (I am still a coffee addict).

So why not make a monthly post about it? There are lots of inspirational fashion pictures with coffee.
These are some of the ones I found this morning.

Which photo do you prefer the most?

X, as always W.S.


the you way




Inspirational Tuesday: summer vibes

So it is that time of the week again to show you some random inspirational pictures! Although they have one thing in common because of the weather they all have some summer vibes.

What am I doing today? Writing some posts for you and cleaning up my studio. However, tonight it is movie night at a beachy place in Amsterdam, together with some lovely friends of mine. The movie is called Office by Johnnie To, have you ever seen that? 

O and I was there last week as well and have a little crush on a surf dude who is working there. So let the flirting continue.

X Willemijn Sofie

P.S. Do you like to get some details of my movie night tonight? Then don't be a stranger and follow me on Instagram.


Beautiful things

Look at these beautiful things. It is some random inspiration for me. All these girls have an amazing style. But very different from each other. Even the two girls that have a stripe shirt and a long skirt combined don't look similar at all.

I love all these beautiful things and how about you?

Talk to you soon,

Xx Willemijn Sofie





Arty days

I have been creative as long as I can remember, but the last two years it is starting to become better and better. Some big artists see me as an artist to. And thats a thing it is hard to believe myself.
Once, a worldwide-famous designer was visiting me in my home in Amsterdam. His lamps are hanging everywhere around the world and are even used in big hollywood movies. When he visited me in my home in Amsterdam and saw my paintings he was a bit overwhelmed.

He said: "Wouw Wimmie (my nickname) did you make this?! Me: "Uh yes." He: "So you are an artist yourself, very cool! Why didn't you never tell me?" me: "I wouldn't put it that way.."  "Don't be so shy young lady! You really need to do something with it, it really inspires me."

But this is just an example of all the compliments I have had about my artwork. So now it its the time to try and give it a go. I am starting to send my work in for expo's next week and see what happens because when you never try, you never know.


In this post you can see some pictures and please share your upinion. I would love that while I'm
very new in this.

Lots of Love,

Willemijn Sofie


Stella, you make my dreams come true!

Dear Stella,

Just wanted to write you a short thank you note.

I saw parts of your collection for autumn 2016 on Instagram. Such a marvelous  job you did there darling! Playful eighties vibes, I felt in love with it instantly. Today I saw the pictures on your website and they made me even love it more. So thoughtful to make a lot of different prints of different kittens!

Stella McCartney autumn 2016 collection on Instagram
Source: @stellamccartney on Instagram

Something else I want to thank you for is the example you are making for the fashion industry for being one of the few designers who think sustainability in your work is important. If more designers would do that, the world would be a better place.

Dear Stella, I want to thank you for all this and let you know you do make dreams come true, you make my dreams come true.

Love, Willemijn

P.S. I'm  really Happy that the collection isn't out yet so I will be able to save some money and buy something next year!