How I look on a regular sunday.

I went with a friend to my parents for the weekend. It is a little village in the South of the Netherlands. I learned a really other side of that place, but that is something I will tell about more on  a next blog. This is just on the Sunday, we went shopping because we promised to cook for my parents. Isn't that sweet? 
So this is what you can call my Sunday look. 


In the Spotlight!

As a Dutch girl on a fashion blog in Los Angels , I could do worse  ;)

If you want to read the whole article, just click the link: Emerging Global Designers



My favorite magazines.

Are on this table. Ofcourse it are all fashion magazines. The Blend and the Glamcult are Dutch. The Victor & Rolf one is a special edition. It has every article in it what is ever written about this great couple and a lot of designs of them also. The last one on the table is Wad and it goes about people with an urban (life) style. 

On Blend.nl backstage at Matthijs van Bergen, an awesome dutch designer.

A tribute too Chanel's black jacket at Glamcult
And some crazy nice creativity by Wad.

I don't only read these magazines, because I also use them  for my wall of inspiration, that's in the make. 
It has to become all black and white, you get to see a picture of the wall when it is finished.



An ordinary style report.

I want to share more of my outfits with you, but that is kind of a hard thing to do. Simply because I don't like to make pictures of myself all the time. So when I had a friend and my little sister over last week we eat and drink a bit and made too much pictures.
Some are here for you to be seen, hope you like the style!

                                                              Strike a pose!

Dancing yeah! 

Just a little bit more make-up

Let's put on some high heels.

And this is the backside of the oufit.



My Blog Awards :)

By checking out Mac's blog earlier today, it took me by surprise that I received a blog award of him! It is so unexpected. I blog just for a few months now and Mac is such a really cool fashionable guy and a freelance stylist (The Style Carnival) ! I'm so honord to get this award and proud of which I got it. It is such a great motivation to keep on blogging!

The rules:
Thank the person who awarded you and link back their blog.
Say seven things about you.
Give the award to seven blogs.

Seven things about me:
  1. I love vintage, but that is something you should know by now.
  2. The Beatles is my all-time favorite band.
  3. I'm dreaming of designing my own collection some day, but for now I only have some really vague sketches.
  4. I'm Lazy as hell.
  5. I have lived already in seven city's and I'm just 24.
  6. A fulltime fashionwriter is what I'm studying for.
  7. I try to have lots of fun every day, don't think to much and just do what I want to do
I give this award to these bloggers, because I really love their style and how they show it to the world.

Such a nice haircut!

And the rest of her look is pretty awesome as well. She is the famous Dutch fashion blogger Bohemian Chic

But her hair makes me thinking about letting my her grow again. What do you think about her hair?



I'm half-Irish, half-Dutch, and I was born in Belgium. If I was a dog, I'd be in a hell of a mess!

This is a quote from Audrey Hepburn. I was searching for Inspiring quotes, not that this is one..
But I didn't know this.  Did you know Audrey Hepburn was half-Dutch? It is a really good reason to love being Dutch,  because she is on of the most stylish woman ever known.

And no I'm not showing you a regular picture, that everybody has seen a thousand times.
The picture is from the film two for the road. She is just so pretty in red.


WS ( a very proud DUTCH girl).


What to do with disco dip?

Most people eat it because it is on their ice, cookie or cream. Other people use it also as make- up, like me. I had hot choclate yesterday night with cream and disco dip and today the disco dip was still on the table. So I was thinking can I use it like nail polish. No that's silly. Then who cares, I'm bored let's see if it works.

My advice is don't try this at home, because when you are finished you will find out that those little colored bastards are everywhere.



The Kooples, for couples.

The Kooples
 is a young French label from the 
Eliga Brothers. Whom created  a chic, basic label based on rock music, style icons and vintage with French-British influence for couples. The idea behind the label is that woman often borrow there boyfriend sweater, jeans anything. So you can say the collection is Unisex, although they have clothes designed especially for man and woman.
This are Corinna and Johnny, when this picture was taken they where together for one year.  

Only a few Country’s sell clothes of the Kooples ( France, Spain, United Kingdom and  Ireland) so it isn’t that strange I didn’t know them till  a few minutes ago. I was reading the style profile of Victoire Chopinaud on The Sartorialist and because I was impressed by her looks I wanted to know more about the label she mentioned: The Kooples. 
I think the clothes of the label are  a combination of amazing, simple, chic and strong clothes and that they are not just for couples but for a much bigger audience. Because the clothes look so nice, that I want to buy them even though I'm not in a relationship.

I added some pictures from the Lookbook of the website, so you can take a look yourself as well.


Mette Lindberg, a style icon.

Is the vocalist in the band The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. They play soulful pcsychedelic pop and are living in Denmark. This is enough about the band for now.
Melle is such a great style iccon for me and I went online searching for pictures of Mette in her nicest clothes.
Tried to find just a view, I ended up with many. Because it is to hard too say which photo is the best and that is why you are going to see lots of pictures.

She has a really unique style with lovely strange sunglasses, lots of necklaces, fierce colors, cardigans and glitter.

Hope you like it! 



I'm in love with a captain.

No that isn't true. I only have his jacket.
The pictures are made on my stairs in a really boring moment. I'm studying like the whole day now even though it is my free day. As I couldn't do it any more, this was my way of esasive the study.
But my day would not be so lame at all, because I'm going to have some drinks with a nice someone tonight...
So what's your opinion about my look, is it capable enough ? ;)



Fashion & Foam II

It seems that I have a thing for concept stores lately. Foam is another one in Amsterdam. Every three months is it based on a different creative theme. In the first three months it is all about fashion. There are books with fashion and fashionphotography. On the wall are different kinds of pictures of fashion and there are clothes hanging like art. I have been there one week ago. It was really interesting. I made a couple of pictures and bought a little sketchbook.

This picture is really amazing. It seems that is real, like a person, but it is n't really! The photo is just framed on a curtain!

The little sketchbook I bought is really nice. In the front are a few pages with lots of fashion brandnames, names of books that could help you with design and styling. It has the body measurements in it. Technical drawnings of lots of clothes, like outerwear, dresses and skirts and some fabric information. When I was in fashionschool it was so nice to have that little book. Now I just bought it for fun. On every sketchpage there are already woman figures, so you only need to draw what you want. But that is not so easy as it seems, trust me ;).


Do you have a profile on stylemint already?

If you don't I can strongly advice to make one and if you are thinking at this moment What is Stylemint? You have to be ashamed of yourself . It is Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's own label. Need I say more ?
On the website of Stylemint you can create your own profile in  three simple steps:

Step 1: Click Get Started
Step 2: Choose from a few different looks your style.

Step 3: Fill this in and push I'm ready!

From that moment you get every month a view simple looks bases on your style. I have this profile for a few months now and I think that it is really inspiring. This are a few of my favorite looks:
If you made one let me know what your favorite items are! Xx


My inspiring door.

Is full with pages of my favorite magazines, like BLEND and GLAMCULT, cards from the vintagestore Episode and stuff from other Fashionmagazines. On the hag are hanging bags from The River Island and the library of Amsterdam.

Do you have an inspiring wall yourself?