I have a thing for rings... it seems a bit like an addiction. Want to see more of my amazing juwelry?
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Black & White

I have a thing for black & white pictures and you?
For the whole post visit my new blog Amsterdam So Fashion.

X Willemijn Sofie


Some hat inspiration

I love everything in this picture. For more inspiration you should look at these very nice hats :)

X Willemijn Sofie


Amsterdam So Fashion

Hello there :)
I want to inform you about Amsterdam So Fashion. This is my new website and it is online!
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My website Amsterdam So Fashion is finally online! Hope to see you there.
X Willemijn Sofie 


Mmm... men in stripes

Busted, I really do have a thing for men in stripes and you?

X Willemijn Sofie

P.S. don't forget to check Amsterdam SoFashion and Facebook. It is going online very soon.


Inspirational short skirts

Who doesn't has a thing for skirts is  bit crazy. I don't wear short skirts to often, but when I do it makes me feel ladylike and sexy. So here are a few of my favorite inspirational skirts !

What is your fave?

X Willemijn Sofie

P.S. don't forget to check AmsterdamSoFashion and on Facebook. Within a month it is live. Don't miss it


Just a few jackets

This Winter is crazy about Jackets. There wasn't a Winter were I felt in love with so many coats as this one. And it isn't even that cold!

Do you want to see just a few beautiful ones?

X Willemijn Sofie


My inspirational blog

Hello dolls

I wanted to tell you that I changed my mind a bit about this blog. It well be up to date, probably more then it is already. Because this will be my inspirational blog from now on. Outfitposts and other things you are able to find on AmsterdamSoFashion.

And the very simple reason for this is that it ia my baby, my first blog and it has lots of traffic. So I hope you will visit AmsterdamSoFashion as well when it is ready for you guys. You can already find it one Facebook and Instagram.

And ofcourse a few inspirational pictures!

X, as always
Your Willemijn Sofie


Me in glitters

Dear readers,

I promised you a post with me in glitters. So here it is, one of my shiny glittercardigans during a openingnight of a picture exhibition. It felt like a place out Sex and the City, but know in the centre of Amsterdam. So strange.

A friend texted earlier that day in a groupchat:" Somebody that wants to join me to a picture gallery tonight?" Normally  we never go to that kind of things, but I had nothing to do so my response was "Why not ". So around six two friends and me were eating together with lots of wine. Because we didnt expect anything from it. Probably it would be so lame, but hey we were together and decided to make the best of it.

Wenn we arrived at eight, it seems that you has to be on a list, but we didn't know. The woman at the door looked at my handsome friend. He flirted a bit and there we were on the list and the party started. 
Such a fabulous place, free food,free wine and cocktails. Ow and beautiful pictures ofcourse. Later that night a party in de backyard started, also not for ous but we sneeked in and had the time of our lives. 

Here are just a fiew pictures at the beginning of that night and hopefully you like my glitterthingy 

X Willemijn Sofie
Creator of AmsterdamSoFashion


Happy birthday to Kate Moss

Happy Birthday Kate,

I haven't a clue how old you became today and  didn't search it up, because I don't really care.
But know you are a really beautiful, stylish and inspiring woman and I hope I will see more new fashionable pictures of you this year.

Wish you all the best,

Willemijn Sofie
Creator of AmsterdamSoFashion



P.S.1 Saturday is my new post, as I promised me in a glitter outfit.
P.S.2 Check the Facebookpage of AmsterdamSoFashion or the site, because in the future I will post there instead of here.



For a while I'm thinking of building my own fashion website. So I claimed AmsterdamSoFashion and it is already online, but still onder construction.
I want AmsterdamSoFashion to become a website about fashion, food and art and I have a few friends who want to write an article for me, once in a while.

But I think it would be fun if someone else from another country would write a post about this things as well. So if you are the one I'm looking for please mail me with some motivation and pictures at: wsmdekoning@gmail.com
In the meanwhile you can follow AmsterdamSoFashion on Facebook and  Instagram. Ow and you can find it already on Bloglovin!

Hope to see you there :)
X Willemijn Sofie


Little shiny glitters

I can't help myself. I have a thing for little shiny glitters. Lots and lots of them. How more glittery how more I love it, it seems, lately. So I made a inspirational post al about my favorite thing on clothes lately. And I know it has been just the perfect day to wear them. Hello Newyearseve! But I will show you the next few days me in my glittery clothes. There you got yourself a promise, so keep me to it. Because I have been very lasy in posting the last few weeks, months even. To busy with work, but hey I need money to buy fashion. Can't live without it. So this is enough talk for now, just watch, enjoy and let me know what you think!

I was right about this, wasn't I?
X Willemijn Sofie