Sunday afternoon at Roest

This was the flyer of the event I went to last sunday. It sais a sunday afternoon at Roest. Roest is an awesome old trendy cafe. Were you can find lots of stylish people. At the other side of Roest their was an hangar with an covered market. There you can find lots of vintage clothes, art,. live music and healthy food. It was really amazing, I can tell.
The asmosphere was really great and I saw a few people I know there, also a really pretty guy, that doesn't seem to be interested in me at all. But was so flabbergasted that I saw him I texted him: "you look so sexy today". That was just a little mistake. 
A bigger mistake was that I broke a little piece of mij tooth. Blegh, I should write down more dan a 100 times: I shouldn't drink from beerbottles anymore... Cause it wasn't the first time. But that doesn't matter a lot, (it can be fixed you know, there are dentists)

What more important is to tell, is that I found a really nice leather jacket. The orginal price was 35 euro's but I paid 30 and it is to big but I loveeeeee it anyway.

So let me know how you think about the jacket!
(Don't look to much at my strange pose, it is just about the fashion! ;) )

X Willemijn

P.S. I have to thank Dirk very much, because he made the Roest pictures!