I went to the Monki store and bought..

Yesterday I told you about the new arrivals of Monki. And ofcourse I went to the nearest Store. I find a lot of the clothes in the pictures but almost nothing suits that well. But it seems to me that is a thing of the label. They have good looking stuff but it almost never suits that well. However it was not for nothing that I went.

You will see at first a couple of pictures of me in the fittingroom and how strange the clothes are, its my profe to you that Monki can be a strange store in a bad way. But I will show you also something where I fell in loved with wearing it.

Above you see that I took a lot of clothes with me into the fittingroom, underneath you can see how
2 of the shirts fit... Not charming at all are my thoughts.

And 3 other things, the dresses didn't seem so worse but the thing I wear in the left picure is only perfect for a jungle party or something like that!
And than at least the things I bought, just a red sweater and a black blouse, nothing of the new arrivals I wanted in the first place, but very nice after all!  Do you like the sweater? The blouse will I show you later this week, the light wasn't good enough :(.

X Willemijn Sofie


Love Monki

I'm in love with Monki, at least for a few ours. Did you saw the new arrivals? They are pretty awesome! I just saw them coming by on Facebook. When I'm done studying I go immidiatly near the Monki store in Amsterdam. Because if the items that I saw fitt nicely, (9 of 10 times they don't, it is such a crazy label) I'm going to spend some money there. If you want to know whitch one I like the most, take a look at the pictures underneath!

It are a lot of items, at least the socks will fit ;)

I'm going to let you know if some of the clothes looked good on me.

As always, 
Your Willemijn Sofie 


Inspirational Tuesday

It is 22.14 when I find some inspirational pictures online. When I wanted to save this stuff on my laptop I thought again. Why not share it with you guys. So here are a few pictures I found and loved immediatly. Some has to do something with fashion other doen't and I'm not going to explain by every picture in this article why it is some inspiration for me, because I hope you will have the same experience with it as well.


As always, your Willemijn Sofie

This inspirational article couldn't I made with a little help of Tumblr,Weheartit, Pinterest, Stylesaint and Gentlemeter


The first swimming day!

Finally yesterday it was the first swimming day. The sun was shining and so hot, that my sister and I went too the beatch in Amsterdam! not an actually beatch but it definetly looks like one! It was nice and cosy. It made me think of a hippy place. too bad that we could make a really good picture of it though I have pictures of me in mu beautifull bikini and in the nicest jeans ever. Just take a look of the picturea underneath and you will see that also.


I'm done with my short hair

Okay, so that you know I'm going to let my hair grow again, and I thought maybe you are curious how I look with longer hair. Wenn cleaning up my laptop yesterday I found some old pictures. 

Let me know what you think about it! 

                                                                X Willemijn Sofie