H&M meets American Apparel

Their are times I love my job more or less. But I love it the most wenn a new season starts. Because all employees of the H&M get a 50% shoppingcard! And one of the things I bought of it is the orange top I am wearing in this pictures. This piece looks so vintage and has a beautiful colour, therefore it was love at first side.

The green skirt is from the American Apparel from a few years ago, it is kind of hard to wear. To find the right clothing combination with it. But I'm always happy when it works out. Also the store is one of my alltime favourites, simply because everything I ever bought I still wear. Even wenn it is a few years ago :). Everything stays pretty and kind of special.

O and I almost forgot to tell something about the necklace. This amazing eagle is from Jutka&Riska, a beautiful vintage store with great and not expensive juwelry. But I never go there to buy clothes, they made it to expensive :(.

But back to the complete look, is it a yay or nay for you?

X Willemijn Sofie


Daily Inspiration

I know I post a lot of inspirational posts lately, if you love them you should follow my Facebookpage. Every day you will find some new great pictures that I find online. So I thought I will share some of the good stuff here and then you can think of follow me there as well. Sounds like a good idea, not?

 X Willemijn Sofie

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Inspirational Tuesday

It is that time of the week that I show you some really inspirational, just random  photographs.

A picture can say a 1000 words, so I just let you watch en hopefully there are as inspirational to you as they are to me.

X, as always
Your Willemijn Sofie


Light dresses

Gosh, I really have a thing for white! I wasn't searching for pictures with this colour in my mind. It just happened that these popt up in my insparation list. The most beautiful light, mostly white dresses. I love them all... 


X, as always 
Your Willemijn Sofie