little black dress

I have a few black dresses, some for special locationa and other for casual. So is this one as you can see on the pictures. It is my newest black dress, from Brandy & Melville, an italian brand. This beautiful piece of clothing looks really basic, but when you take a look at the backside it has a little bit extra.

Would you wear it yourself as well?


Willemijn Sofie


In love with leather

On the pictures in this post, you can see the clothes I wore a few days ago. The shirt is actually a dress, but as a dress it is a bit to short. So I tryed it this way. It is much more perfect, I think.

And what do you think of this look?

X Willemijn Sofie



A really good friend of mine was begind the organisation of H3 collective, an African fashion event Amsterdam and it was really awesome. The designers had made some beautifull pieces of fashion that you cannsee yourself it you take a look at the pictures made during the shows.

 The clothes on the pictures above are from my favorite designer of that show Ms. Ray. I put her facebookpage in the link so you can find more of her work.

The pictures that I'm showing here are from two other designers. The left clothes are from M.A.F Couture  and the right dress is made by SoSally 

If you are interested in more pictures or the organisation, you can take a look at H3 Collective

X Willemijn Sofie


Inspirational Tuesday 1

I thought maybe it is mart to number my Inspirational Tuesday posts, because I have did some toher in the past. So today I found a lot of amazingly pretty pictures as well.

And ofcourse a little quote

What was the most inspiring of them alll?

X Willemijn Sofie


The Carrie Diaries with Anny

It is true, I'm an addict, addicted to the Carrie Diaries! Everytime wenn there is a new episode I need to watch it right away.Okay not that badly, otherwise I would n't have the time to study en make my exams today, but it was the first thing I did wenn I came back home. The clothes in every episode are so amazing! 

So I definitely don't agree with Sarah Jessica Parker,who said this about the Carrie Diaries: "She (AnnaSophia Rob) is a lovely girl and I want her to feel good about it but it's ... odd." (USmagazine, 2013) How can she say such a stupid thing?

When I was watching it, I searched for the 2 things  I loved the most so I can show them  to you above  and painted my nails in between with Anny 007 It's just love.

I love this colour and the nail polish is really good. Normally my nails are ugly in one day. Doesn't matter if it is a cheap or expensive one. This one stays on for more than 2 days and you can even do the dishes with it! So wanne tray?


X Willemijn Sofie

Instagram and Pinterest

I have an account on Instagram and Pinterest for a while know, but I didn't that much with it. That has changed lately. So if you are interested in following each other look for the links in this post!



X Willemijn Sofie