Bye, prelimininary examinations!

No more  days of spending all my time in the library, yeah :)..  at least for a few months. Yesterday I celebrated that with a few beers and some nice people in the city and today I have the time to post something again. I made a big collage of a wall today. I'm really happy about the result.

What do you think of it?

X Willemijn Sofie


I have a thing for Lace and you?

Hello Loves, just a quicky for now!
I love lace clothes especially dresses. I have three of them, one white and two black. I  still need to stop myself to buy more of them. This dress did I wear today.

Do you have a thing for lace yourself?


Hipster Granny !

Think you noticed I post not so often as I used to. It simply is because of the studying I have to do and that I lost my Iphone! It is quite busy and it will be for the next two weeks. I will write once a week in this period. If I find some extra time you will detect yourself.

What I have for you now is my last outfit I bought. It seems that my love for American Apparel gets bigger and bigger.

If you are wondering why I wear no shoes, I couldn't wear any fashionable onces, because of my injury, but it is almost over now :).

                             How to get the look!

When a very good friend saw me in these clothes he said: NICE. you look like a hipster granny! So that is why I called it my hipster granny look. Hope you like it!


Love sunshine +icecream

By checking out Nylonmag today I found a really nice photo shoot which I want to share with you.
The girls you are going to see are from the movie The Hunger Games, a film based on the book. It has to come out soon. But that isn't so important at the moment.
More important right now are the lovely colors, the sunshine and the adorable ice creams.
It makes me think of Summer time so badly! Let it be summer really soon, or spring at least.

"I want to have a lot of sunshine so I can wear a pretty Summerdress and eat a lot of ice creams by walking in it."




What a strange connection to internet I had overthere. I'm back in the Netherlands, at my parents for the weekend.  So now I can show you a link and a picture of one of the latest articles on the blog!
I know the most of you wouldn't be able to read it, but then you just need to take a look at the pictures for some inspiration.

Can't wait to start my internship there :).



Good things VS Bad things.

It is unusual but I'm going to start with the bad thing that happened to me. I have an injury for more than two days now and it doesn't seem to be over really soon. It started last Sunday, during my 2th day of skiing! ( I had 5 more days to go.)  I came out of the chair- lift and my ski mixed up with the one of my sister, my knee turned a bit and that' s why I can't do a thing now. It is too bad, also because it didn't happend during something exciting but there are some nice things going on in my life as well.

The most important one is that I found a really exciting internship at Femmedia. Femmedia has for blogs and of course one about fashion :), but also blogs about beauty and for teenage girls and woman. I can't wait until the begin of April, that is wenn I'm going to start working there! I will show you a printscreen when I'm back, because with a problem of the server the website isn't working over here.

An other thing I really like and where I was invited for recently is Stylesaint.com. It is like your own online stylebook. I use it for my own inspiration,when my eyes cath something online which is really inspiring I put it in there. Also you can follow people and their stylebooks and they can follow you  back. It is like a really big online inspiring wall. I totally love it!

 The homepage of Stylesaint.

P.S. There was also a thing what made my injury less worse, a really cute guy from the SOS-service came to rescue me. That he took care of me was mm.. not very bad at all!



Switzerland , day 1:

Find a little bit of time to blog. Yeah!
It is a quarter past ten in the evening, but my whole family is really tired of the trip so they went to bed really early today. That isn't so crazy because we where awake at five o'clock in the morning, to begin our journey  to Switzerland. I'm laying on the coutch myself as we speak.

My day was something like this:
Zzzz-coffee, breakfast -sleeping - reading - sleeping- sketch , sketch, sketch, sketch - coffee- sketch, sketch, sketch - zzzzzz  and most of the time at the back of the car eating candy. Then we arrived , rented some ski's had a nice meal and went to bed.
Sounds really interesting doesn't it ;).

I will show you my clothes during this day and some of my sketches. Hope you like it!

In case you are wondering what I'm wearing. It is a combination of vintage: the shirt and the vest is an La Coste, the scarf was al second hands rock once and I'm wearing a really short jeans from Levis and the shirt is vintage as well. The baseball jacket ( for guys) is from the Sting and is the only thing not second hand about my look.

Sleep well, can't wait to ski!



Brand new haircut!

I didn't know what to do with my hair. Did I need to let it grew longer or cut it shorter. When I saw Michelle Williams hair a few days ago at the awards. I had to try that!

So you are going to see a picture of Michelle and a picture of me with the same haircut. How do you think it looks on me?

I'm going on holoday tonight to Switzerland. Wintersports for one week!So probably I won't write for seven days. 
Talk to you when I'm back!