Coffee in the morning

My morning isn't complete without a cup of coffee or three. I love it the most when I don't have to hurry so much. Although those days are very rare at the moment. However this morning I was lucky. I jumped out of bed, walked to the kitchen and pushed on the power-button. Voila a little cup of Espresso for Willemijn Sofie. I took it with me to my granddaddy chair in the living-room and took a little nip of it while I though back of my dreams last night. 

My first coffee moment of the day was almost the same as
 the fourth photograph. But instead of reading a newspaper I was checking Instagram on my phone, and what was your first coffee moment of the day like? Does it look like any of the pictures underneath?

X, Willemijn Sofie


Lonely Strijp S.

While I was travelling by train last monday, I decided to make a quick stop at Strijp S. It is a place in Eindhoven, that breaths creativity. A lot of artist live and work there. For example a famous lampdesigner, who I dated through Tinder once, but that is another story.

It was very lonely and quiet and all the stores where closed. Probably creative people sleep on monday, and that is to me the best idea ever!

However, while I was there I decided to take a few shots of the emptiness and the buildings within.

What do you think of it?

As always, your Willemijn Sofie