My favorite item.

This is me wearing my favorite item of the moment! A cardigan from American Apparel.
What do you think of it? Is my love for it good or bad?



Meet the Swans meets Fashion photography.

Meet the Swans is a travelling boutique from London, during AFW it was for a short period in Amsterdam. It is the temporary concept store of Charlie & Marie. The clothes in the store are all green and eco friendly. 

I thought the store was amazing and the concept was great but I wasn't really fond of the clothes. They where nice but not so nice that I would buy them.  Maybe you have another opinion, take a look at Meet the Swans an  if you do let me know!

In the store there was also Fashion photography exhibition, some of them where really good!  If you want to see them all just click: photography! 
Not only you could shop fashion and watch beautiful pictures you could also eat something and have a cup of tea.


De taart van mijn tante.

In english it would be something like: The pie of my aunt.
It is a lovely place in Amsterdam where you can get really delicious pie.  You can order a lot of different pies. For example:  The Poppy seed cake ( Grounded poppy seeds, nuts, strawberry, confiture & coverd with chocolate ganache) and the chocolate slut cak, (a belgium chocolate, chopped pecan nuts, rinse berries and a chocolate ganache coating).

My friend choosed te Carrot cake and I got the delicious Various Bavoroise witrh blueberries. If you ever get the chance you should try a piece of cake yourself at the  Ferdinand Bolstraat 10 1072 LJ Amsterdam

Fashion & Foam

On my way to Fashion & Foam!
It is photography about fashion, tell you more when I get back !

Talk to you in a few ours!



Brand new rucksack

My class is going to start in a few minutes, but I will not go before I showed you my new bag! It is a rucksack from Riverisland of the malesdepartment!

have to run know! Tomorrow I will tell you about another conceptstore during AMF!



I visited this conceptstore today. It is is only in Amsterdam for 19 days and it is the first time that the store is open. After the Amsterdam Fashion Week Wardrobe goes to search for an other temperary place. This can be in the Netherlands of somewhere else around the world. The store is filled with clothes from Dutch Design for Dutch Design: To let the world notice that they excist, to get more brand awareness. If you want to know more about the store, just visit Wardrobe#01 a temporary conceptstore .


What to do during AFW

It is the week of fashion  in Amsterdam! Although I can get to one of the shows, I can join the fashionweek. Tomorrow en Wednesday I will found out what there is to find! The things you will find now are the things I can do tomorrow. On the website of the Amsterdam Fashion Week you can find some other schedules as well.

Treasures from Berlin 
Hendrikje Stoffelstraat 1,
Tassenmuseum Hendrikje 
Herengracht 573 
1017 CD Amsterdam10.00 - 17.00 Entrance: €7,50

Fashion & Magazines 

Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum,
spui 14-16, Amsterdam
09.00 - 18.00 

Gerard Doustraat 84, Amsterdam 

Gerard Doustraat 84, Amsterdam

                                            Nonsense label 

Hotel Park Plaza Vondelpark 
Koninginneweg 34 - 36, Amsterdam 

Amsterdam Fashion 

pazzanistraat 4, Amsterdam

21.30 - 22.30

Temporary conceptstore WARDRODE #01 
Magna Plaza/2nd Floor,
12.00 - 19.00. 

Other things to do:
Contemporary Craftsmanship Tweede Tuindwarsstraat 8,Amsterdam 12.00-17.00
Heidi Long - Constructed Hendrikje Stoffelstraat 1, Amsterdam 10.00 - 18.00 
Amsterdam goes DOWNTOWN Hotel , Koninginneweg 34-36, Amsterdam 10.00-18.00
Introduction Atelier LeonLeonVan Baerlestraat 154, Amsterdam 12.00-18.00




I totally love this jacket from american apparel , only it costs € 170,- What should I do? Should I get it or not? And in oxford or tan? I totally love them both!

My winterstyle,

I had already some pictures and IFB wants me to post my winterstyle. So here we go! It is all vintage, except my glasses and jewelry. The jackets are from my mother, the other pieces are from secondhand stores and markets.

New stuff.

It is fantastic being a working girl, because I can shop so often lately. This are some of my new clothes.
The jacket is vintage, the rest of the clothes are from River Island, the Sting, American Apparel and the H&M.

I searched online for the clothes I bought, to give you some more information and better pictures. This is what I found. 
The cardigan is amazing, it is my favorite item of the moment. The price was €86,00, visit American Apparel for other colors. They have also a sweater from the same material.

The jacket is bought at a really strange ugly secondhand store. Honestly I can't remember the name of it. The leather jacket was the only nice thing they had in there. I especially love the golden buttons, these made it different then an ordinary leather jacket. The price I paid was €25,-

This is the shirt underneath, it is orange. ( my sister thinks it is pink, but it is definetly orange!) I found it in the River Island for €29,95. The white color is really nice too.
These wonderful shoes are from the H&M. I buy high heels always as cheap as possible, because if I wear them often the heel is broken in a few weeks and I spend to much money on getting it made. they where €29,95 as well. The shoes are available in camel and black also.


Happy New Year!

It is  the first evening of a new year and I'm in my bed listening to the raindrops falling out of the sky, realizing that I have some good new stuff too show.


The lovely shirt is from the ZARA, I bought it for €24,95. It is a hard job  to combine it, but I figure something out!
Two rings a bought at the market, each for €5,00. The one with the ancher is just perfect!

Sweet dreams !