My Blog Awards :)

By checking out Mac's blog earlier today, it took me by surprise that I received a blog award of him! It is so unexpected. I blog just for a few months now and Mac is such a really cool fashionable guy and a freelance stylist (The Style Carnival) ! I'm so honord to get this award and proud of which I got it. It is such a great motivation to keep on blogging!

The rules:
Thank the person who awarded you and link back their blog.
Say seven things about you.
Give the award to seven blogs.

Seven things about me:
  1. I love vintage, but that is something you should know by now.
  2. The Beatles is my all-time favorite band.
  3. I'm dreaming of designing my own collection some day, but for now I only have some really vague sketches.
  4. I'm Lazy as hell.
  5. I have lived already in seven city's and I'm just 24.
  6. A fulltime fashionwriter is what I'm studying for.
  7. I try to have lots of fun every day, don't think to much and just do what I want to do
I give this award to these bloggers, because I really love their style and how they show it to the world.