Fashion & Foam II

It seems that I have a thing for concept stores lately. Foam is another one in Amsterdam. Every three months is it based on a different creative theme. In the first three months it is all about fashion. There are books with fashion and fashionphotography. On the wall are different kinds of pictures of fashion and there are clothes hanging like art. I have been there one week ago. It was really interesting. I made a couple of pictures and bought a little sketchbook.

This picture is really amazing. It seems that is real, like a person, but it is n't really! The photo is just framed on a curtain!

The little sketchbook I bought is really nice. In the front are a few pages with lots of fashion brandnames, names of books that could help you with design and styling. It has the body measurements in it. Technical drawnings of lots of clothes, like outerwear, dresses and skirts and some fabric information. When I was in fashionschool it was so nice to have that little book. Now I just bought it for fun. On every sketchpage there are already woman figures, so you only need to draw what you want. But that is not so easy as it seems, trust me ;).

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