The Kooples, for couples.

The Kooples
 is a young French label from the 
Eliga Brothers. Whom created  a chic, basic label based on rock music, style icons and vintage with French-British influence for couples. The idea behind the label is that woman often borrow there boyfriend sweater, jeans anything. So you can say the collection is Unisex, although they have clothes designed especially for man and woman.
This are Corinna and Johnny, when this picture was taken they where together for one year.  

Only a few Country’s sell clothes of the Kooples ( France, Spain, United Kingdom and  Ireland) so it isn’t that strange I didn’t know them till  a few minutes ago. I was reading the style profile of Victoire Chopinaud on The Sartorialist and because I was impressed by her looks I wanted to know more about the label she mentioned: The Kooples. 
I think the clothes of the label are  a combination of amazing, simple, chic and strong clothes and that they are not just for couples but for a much bigger audience. Because the clothes look so nice, that I want to buy them even though I'm not in a relationship.

I added some pictures from the Lookbook of the website, so you can take a look yourself as well.

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