Stella, you make my dreams come true!

Dear Stella,

Just wanted to write you a short thank you note.

I saw parts of your collection for autumn 2016 on Instagram. Such a marvelous  job you did there darling! Playful eighties vibes, I felt in love with it instantly. Today I saw the pictures on your website and they made me even love it more. So thoughtful to make a lot of different prints of different kittens!

Stella McCartney autumn 2016 collection on Instagram
Source: @stellamccartney on Instagram

Something else I want to thank you for is the example you are making for the fashion industry for being one of the few designers who think sustainability in your work is important. If more designers would do that, the world would be a better place.

Dear Stella, I want to thank you for all this and let you know you do make dreams come true, you make my dreams come true.

Love, Willemijn

P.S. I'm  really Happy that the collection isn't out yet so I will be able to save some money and buy something next year!

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