Coffee in the morning

My morning isn't complete without a cup of coffee or three. I love it the most when I don't have to hurry so much. Although those days are very rare at the moment. However this morning I was lucky. I jumped out of bed, walked to the kitchen and pushed on the power-button. Voila a little cup of Espresso for Willemijn Sofie. I took it with me to my granddaddy chair in the living-room and took a little nip of it while I though back of my dreams last night. 

My first coffee moment of the day was almost the same as
 the fourth photograph. But instead of reading a newspaper I was checking Instagram on my phone, and what was your first coffee moment of the day like? Does it look like any of the pictures underneath?

X, Willemijn Sofie


  1. I always begin day drinking fresh made juice and green tea, but besides this it looks a little bit similar like on the first picture;)


    1. Woow that sounds good! Do you always have time to make that in the morning?