Arty days

I have been creative as long as I can remember, but the last two years it is starting to become better and better. Some big artists see me as an artist to. And thats a thing it is hard to believe myself.
Once, a worldwide-famous designer was visiting me in my home in Amsterdam. His lamps are hanging everywhere around the world and are even used in big hollywood movies. When he visited me in my home in Amsterdam and saw my paintings he was a bit overwhelmed.

He said: "Wouw Wimmie (my nickname) did you make this?! Me: "Uh yes." He: "So you are an artist yourself, very cool! Why didn't you never tell me?" me: "I wouldn't put it that way.."  "Don't be so shy young lady! You really need to do something with it, it really inspires me."

But this is just an example of all the compliments I have had about my artwork. So now it its the time to try and give it a go. I am starting to send my work in for expo's next week and see what happens because when you never try, you never know.


In this post you can see some pictures and please share your upinion. I would love that while I'm
very new in this.

Lots of Love,

Willemijn Sofie


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    1. Thanks Glenda :) that is so kind!

      Xx Willemijn Sofie

  2. Little moonshine here, you're artwork is incredibly beautiful, I very much adore your blog! :)