My brand new glasses

My big brown glasses were more than 2 years old and really well worn, so what I asked for my 26th birthday wear some brand new glasses. I was picturing a round frame in my head, knowing that  I was little it didn't suit me that well. So you can understand it was a hard job. My mother went a little bit crazy, because I couldn't found what I wanted and we had seen almost whole Amsterdam. Not that it is that big, but wenn you are walking everything it kind of is. But it was worth it, I found amazing black glasses of the label Hackett London Bespoke.

On Monday is my birthday, I will be 25 for only 3 more days. O my gosh, I'm getting old.. before I know it I would turn on  30. But that isn't that scary if I still look beneath my age. Anyway I will stop talking and show you some pictures. On the header you see my new glasses. On the first picture underneath the old one. So witch one do you like better?

X Willemijn Sofie


  1. Oh great choice you look wonderful!

  2. You look adorable! Great frames!

  3. Great glasses! So cute on you!