Love smoothies

I really love smoothies. Those mixed fruit and vegetables drinks are so healthy and delicous :) but I didn't had something to make them. So something that was really high on my birthdaypresentlist was a blender... And I got one, and some planks and messes to cut the fruits for in the blender :). My sisters and there boyfriends gave me these nice presents and ofcourse I already made a few smoothies last week. So I will share them with you and I will do my best to remember the receipes.

250 gram blueberries, one banana and  a hand full of spinach. it tasted really good :)

2. Melon and banana
 I took a quarter of a melon, one      banana and a few pineapplepieces. It was my favorite one, so fresh :)

3. Spinach, pineapple and banana

This was the last smoothie I made. I took all the leftovers. So I can not exactly say how much is in here. Lots of spinach and mint, 1 banana , a few pineapple pieces and a bit of citron. This was my less favourite one. It tasted to much of Spinach. 

So only the first receipe I remembered good... if I do another post like this I promise to give a better subscription :)

X Willemijn Sofie


  1. Oh those smoothies look delicious. So healthy!

  2. it´s great i like so much.

  3. Looks great Willemijn :) The second one sounds great to me, I'm not a huge fan of spinach so I think I'll skip the last one :)