Surprises & Pepernoten

This weekend I was at my parents to celebrate "Sinterklaas" it is a man who looks a lot like Santa and gives also presents to kids. But because  we are a little older we do something different then only getting presents. We are making surprises for someone in our family and yesterday evening it was surprise time. I think you know how it works, don't you? During that we eat lots of pepernoten. It's hard to compare that to something not Dutch, but you can see in the picture underneath what they look like. 

Nathan, the boyfriend of my older sister had to make something for me. And look what he made, a really cute Robot to cheer me up. Because I was a bit sad al day. 

And the presents he gave to me  where really nice. I  start with a really important minor in a few months, called Independent Fashion Magazines.  Where I'm going to make a really unique independent fashion magazine in a team and the presents he got me were  really applicable. As you can see, he got me 
a WAD, i-D and also the Vogue. Who is less an independent fashion magazine, but  very nice to have.

Also I got two things from my parents. The first thing I got are those 2 little sheeps, you are seeing here. They are for my Alessi Christmas Stall. Aren't they cute?

The second thing I got is this  chocolate letter, which I decorated myself a few weeks ago. It looks really delicious, doesn't it?

Then there is an other thing I want to show to you. That is this scarf underneath. It isn't a present I got but something I rediscovered. It is a really old scarf, I think I wore it when I was eight or something and my mum always kept it because my grandmother made it. 

It is a really cosy knitted scarf. Spoken about knitting, I'm going to make something myself! But more about that tomorrow!

X Willemijn Sofie

P.S. The picture quality isn't so good, don't know where that comes from. Will find it out and the next ones will be better.


  1. Die minor klinkt erg interessant! Is het een universitaire minor? Als het goed is ben ik volgend jaar aan mijn minor toe, ik ben op dit moment een beetje aan het oriƫnteren.

    XO XO, Sam

  2. Cute photos! The food looks yummy!