A day at the Stedelijk Museum

Two weeks ago I had to make an study exercise at the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam. Because I hadn't so mucht time I couldn't be there so long, but I made these inspiring pictures of art. Hope you like them!

Made by Paulina Olowska
It is an amazing piece of art to me and the first think were I need to think about seeing this picture is the sweater of a good friend of mine. She has a look-a-like!

Made by unknown
Stupid enough, I didn't write the name of the photographer down. But the style of these two man is amazing!

Nature Girls, made by Martha Rosler.
Martha made this as a bart of the Beauty Knows No pain serie.
Made by unknown

I love this picture so much because it seems to have a very nice face! It is a bit strange though. 
Made by Leonardo Dicaprio
I have to be honest with this last piece of art, I didn't made a picture of it because I love it so much...
But he made it during his Titanic time and who wasn't in love with Leo back then?

X Willemijn Sofie

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  1. These are great!!! I'm really loving the second to last picture you have up, it's very much my style.