Knit, knitting, knitted

Thanks to this video of Nylonmagazine I couldn't  stop thinking about knitting. Don't you think it is very inspiring either?

So after seeing this  I start thinking about what would I knit, which colours do I want to use and which kind of yarn?

Yesterday I found some old yarn in my parents' house which could help me by my project. At first I wanted to learn how to knit some gloves, but
my mum talked me out of that. She said try to make a scarf at first. If you can do that I teach you how to make some gloves. Yeah :)

X Willemijn Sofie


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  2. Knitting is so relaxing! I haven't done any in ages but I must get myself some Yarn and attempt to make a scarf! It could be my winter challenge! :) xx


  3. gahhh~ now you got me curious in knitting. i've never tried it before and it seems kinda complicated to me. lol. you know what.. maybe i'll try it out. thanks :)

    xoxo Sarah
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  4. Great video. My mom likes knitting a lot when we were young. YOu made me homesick.
    Haley www.instyleforless.org