Weekday, Amsterdam

Hello Loves,

Been busy for a couple of weeks with the study, but I'm a free girl again, yeah! So time for some posting.

I have posted so many outfit looks lately, so I thought it is time for a different article. Today I'm going to tell you about a really nice clothing store in Amsterdam.

A few months ago Weekday opened a store in Amsterdam. Which is so nice, I guess. The store looks amazing and the clothes in it, look even better. For those people who never hearth of Weekday, shame on you! It is such a great store, but after this article you never forget about it anymore. 

There are only  21 Weekday stores around the world, other city’s wear you can find this store are for example Stockholm, Berlin and Copenhagen.  And Weekday is from H&M! They bought it 10 years ago, when it was called weekday in Stockholm. They cropped the name, made a really unique concept  were fashion, music and people come together and searched for a few good labels that would fit with this.

MTWTFSS Weekday, Cheap Monday, Weekday Vintage, Weekday Collaboration and  Weekday Store made are collections you can find in the stores.
I don't you have to ask me wich my favourite brand is, that’s of course the Weekday vintage. But I can honestly say I love all the labels.

I hope you got a bit of an Idea of Weekday and if you want to visit the Weekdaystore in Amsterdam  this is the adres: Rokin 84, Amsterdam
going to bed know, it is 22.10 in the Netherlands and school starts at 8.30. Sweet dreams and talk to you soon!
X Willemijn Sofie

P.S. All the pictures in this post are mady by me, except the first (Weekday) and the second one (Superfuture). So silly I forgot to make a picture of how the store looks on the outside..


  1. That shop looks amazing! My dream is to travel around Europe and discover all the great and beautiful things you have!

  2. Ik hou echt van die winkel, mijn studie zit er vlakbij, dus ik kom er minstens één keer per week! Echt geweldige kleren!