My little Amsterdam

For the 71 IFB project I need to show how I see the world through my eyes and then I can win free glasses from Lookmatic for a year. So it’s worth a try! I thought lets introduce you a few of my favourite places in Amsterdam. Because that is where I live. You can see all pictures together in a collage and some separately from it.

This is my Amsterdam. All my favourite places are in this collage. The Waterlooplein somewhere on the right. On the left a piece of an old cinema, underneath a little Berlin-like café and some other places. Also you see some pictures of where I live.  Hope you enjoy it!
 –x- Willemijn Sofie

The first pictures are about an awesome Berlin Inspired cafe. It is called Brecht. It is nice and cosy, a bit like your grandmothers place. Everything in it looks like it is from 50 years ago and they have all kinds of tea! Even in a pink colour!

The next 2 pictures are from my all-time favourite place to shop! That’s the Waterlooplein for shore. It is a second-hand market in the centre of Amsterdam. They sell almost everything there!

Also I want to show you a picture from a  really nice old cinema near my school "Kriterion" and the outside near a little cosy lunchcorner. They are in the same street.

But you didn't had any proof that I live in Amsterdam, maybe the next picture will show that to you.

And last but not least, I guess. This little picture of this fashionable Bird! I bought myself a Starbucks and a Vogue because my exams were over. When I was trying to made a picture of it, this little bird wanted to be in it as well;).

Hope you like it!

X Willemijn Sofie

p.s. All the pictures in this post are made by me. If you want to use some it is okay, but mention that you got if from WillemijnSofie, Thanks!


  1. Really lovely post!


  2. Ahh, nice pictures. I have never been to Amsterdam (except to the airport) but I just know I would love it!

  3. I wish I can go there someday! It really is beautiful!


  4. Very nice picture I would love to visit one day.