Love Monki

I'm in love with Monki, at least for a few ours. Did you saw the new arrivals? They are pretty awesome! I just saw them coming by on Facebook. When I'm done studying I go immidiatly near the Monki store in Amsterdam. Because if the items that I saw fitt nicely, (9 of 10 times they don't, it is such a crazy label) I'm going to spend some money there. If you want to know whitch one I like the most, take a look at the pictures underneath!

It are a lot of items, at least the socks will fit ;)

I'm going to let you know if some of the clothes looked good on me.

As always, 
Your Willemijn Sofie 


  1. Love the pieces! They are funky and fun!


  2. I adore Monki and have been a faithful fan for ages! Love the new picks :)
    Kristina @ www.modeofstyle.com xx

  3. What a great pieces!!!! I died for the blouse of red stripes and mustaches!!!!!