I went to the Monki store and bought..

Yesterday I told you about the new arrivals of Monki. And ofcourse I went to the nearest Store. I find a lot of the clothes in the pictures but almost nothing suits that well. But it seems to me that is a thing of the label. They have good looking stuff but it almost never suits that well. However it was not for nothing that I went.

You will see at first a couple of pictures of me in the fittingroom and how strange the clothes are, its my profe to you that Monki can be a strange store in a bad way. But I will show you also something where I fell in loved with wearing it.

Above you see that I took a lot of clothes with me into the fittingroom, underneath you can see how
2 of the shirts fit... Not charming at all are my thoughts.

And 3 other things, the dresses didn't seem so worse but the thing I wear in the left picure is only perfect for a jungle party or something like that!
And than at least the things I bought, just a red sweater and a black blouse, nothing of the new arrivals I wanted in the first place, but very nice after all!  Do you like the sweater? The blouse will I show you later this week, the light wasn't good enough :(.

X Willemijn Sofie


  1. Great comfy sweater :) Perfect for our dutch summer ;)

    Xx Tall & tiny


  2. I love the dresses though! But we all have those moments when you can't seem to find the perfect piece.


  3. I agree with Arra: we all have those days where things down quite pan out like we want them too. Although, I will say that I very much enjoy the pieces you picked out! That rumper is extra cute! Go you <3