A night with Cirque Excentrique

Picture is made by Cirque Exentrique.

A party where I wanted to go for more then a year, but never able too was a party organised by Cirque Excentrique. Everytime I was invited I couldn't go! So last saturday was my first time Cirque Excentrique. Imagine a man who is dressed as a wife at the door who starts to paint your face in a beautifull way wenn you come in. Upstairs almost every boy is dressed as a girl and every girl as a man because that is the theme for this time. So tell me how I'm as a dude ;). The music was a mix of oldies and techno <3 and every body was dancing.
I discovered that night dat some guys loved me as a man: "You are the player tonight, so why don't you ask me to come home with you?" (I have a picture with him, but I'm not shore if I should place it here.) Gosh how easy do you think I am? And some don't. Boy 2: "You look really nice, but absolutely not sexy." Whut Whut? So I told him that we need to meet another time for drinks and that I would wear a sexy dress...to be continued!
Here are some pictures of that night!

 The look!

Painted faces, mustaches and gelled hair.

Me showing some dancemoves

It was an amazing night, I make shore I attend the next party of Cirque Excentrique!

X Willemijn Sofie


  1. That looks like such a fantastic night! love it.

  2. what a fun theme!! ahahahaha. i love it! looks very exciting. if you have more photos, do post!! :D

    xoxo Sarah

  3. Hi dear! You're a miracle! I'm your new follower! I wait for you in my blog!

  4. Way to make that sequin vest work, girl!


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