Switzerland , day 1:

Find a little bit of time to blog. Yeah!
It is a quarter past ten in the evening, but my whole family is really tired of the trip so they went to bed really early today. That isn't so crazy because we where awake at five o'clock in the morning, to begin our journey  to Switzerland. I'm laying on the coutch myself as we speak.

My day was something like this:
Zzzz-coffee, breakfast -sleeping - reading - sleeping- sketch , sketch, sketch, sketch - coffee- sketch, sketch, sketch - zzzzzz  and most of the time at the back of the car eating candy. Then we arrived , rented some ski's had a nice meal and went to bed.
Sounds really interesting doesn't it ;).

I will show you my clothes during this day and some of my sketches. Hope you like it!

In case you are wondering what I'm wearing. It is a combination of vintage: the shirt and the vest is an La Coste, the scarf was al second hands rock once and I'm wearing a really short jeans from Levis and the shirt is vintage as well. The baseball jacket ( for guys) is from the Sting and is the only thing not second hand about my look.

Sleep well, can't wait to ski!



  1. love your baseball jacket! <3 have fun skiing!


  2. Interesting. Nice outfit


  3. i LOVE your baseball jacket! really suits you :)