New stuff.

It is fantastic being a working girl, because I can shop so often lately. This are some of my new clothes.
The jacket is vintage, the rest of the clothes are from River Island, the Sting, American Apparel and the H&M.

I searched online for the clothes I bought, to give you some more information and better pictures. This is what I found. 
The cardigan is amazing, it is my favorite item of the moment. The price was €86,00, visit American Apparel for other colors. They have also a sweater from the same material.

The jacket is bought at a really strange ugly secondhand store. Honestly I can't remember the name of it. The leather jacket was the only nice thing they had in there. I especially love the golden buttons, these made it different then an ordinary leather jacket. The price I paid was €25,-

This is the shirt underneath, it is orange. ( my sister thinks it is pink, but it is definetly orange!) I found it in the River Island for €29,95. The white color is really nice too.
These wonderful shoes are from the H&M. I buy high heels always as cheap as possible, because if I wear them often the heel is broken in a few weeks and I spend to much money on getting it made. they where €29,95 as well. The shoes are available in camel and black also.

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