Introducing myself, by clothes and other stuff.

I'm a girl by the age of 24 and love, love, love fashion and writing about it. Although I should do that a bit more.

This is a picture I made on the Waterlooplein, in Amsterdam. It is one of my favorite places, because they have almost every day of the week (except on Sundays ) a big vintage market and you can find some really nice, cheap stuff over there.

This picture is token in my living room and it has five things in it that I really do like. 
  1. A really lovely vintage dress, that I bought in Paris for €10.
  2. A peace of newspaper. They are hanging everywhere through my livingroom. 
  3. Scotch and soda, Amsterdam vintage.It is on the poster.I like it for other people, not so much for me.
  4. Red wine, sometimes I can't get enough of that ..

This is the pub I go to like once a week. During the day for some hot soup or chocolat and at night for a tasty German beer. It is a Berlin's pub and it is like -as you can see it yourself- if you are in a living room. The picture I got from amsterdam.unlike.

This is the kind of girl MK and A. Olsen think I'm. I subscribed me at there fashionsite Stylemint and that is what I got. I have to admit that I really love their style and the label.

So you kow a few things about me now. Another thing I like a lot is sleeping. At wintertime in the morning when it is cold in my room and still dark outside, I just can't get up. That's also what I'm going to do now, take off and dive into my bed, underneath my worm blanket.

Sleep well, 

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